Hunting Season Started! What to Consider for a Good Night Hunt

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Hunting Season Started! What to Consider for a Good Night Hunt

Apart from deep sea fishing, cultural tours, and sightseeing in Yap Island, hunting is also another outdoor activity to give you ample fun while in this state of Micronesia. Now the hunting season is here, and you are planning for the next hunting place. This magical island has plenty of opportunities for any hunting enthusiast out there. What you need is the right hunting gear and then proceeding with the rest of the hunters.

In addition to having a well turned-out hunting clothing, hearing protection, and a rifle, you should always remember to mount a red dot scope on your gun. This is very important because night hunting is one of the most popular bustles throughout the island.

Hunting with Red Dot Scopes in Micronesia, Yap

How to Use the Red Dot Scopes

The red dot scopes fall under reflex sights, and you will come across reflex optics that also refers to red dot sights. When you view through a red dot scope, you will see a red dot while aiming the target. The dot should be on the target so that the bullet hits the target upon pulling the trigger. Actually, there is neither sights alignment nor prickly front sights and blurred target. Even though you might have been practicing shooting with red dot scopes ahead of the season, I will also remind you on how to achieve the best when it comes to actual hunting time.

When you identify a buck, focus on the target and keep both eyes open. Ensure that the weapon is safely held, and then bring it up on the firing point. The scope will be positioned in front of your eyes, and you will see a red dot appearing just before your eyes. Wait until the dot reaches the target point, and then fire the target. Keep both eyes open throughout, and never move the focus away from your target.

Aiming with a red dot scope is quick, as long as the reticle’s brightness is kept at its lowest point. This provides a clearer sight image, without obscuring the target. However, there is an adjustment knob on the scope to control the brightness of the reticle depending on the conditions. For instance, you should turn it low while hunting at night, and high if hunting during the day. Moreover, an optic with lower intensity setting is required for night vision use.

How to Choose a Perfect Red Dot Scope

There are many red dot scopes in the market, and you can find what suits your shooting needs. The model to buy may depend on various aspects including the type of hunting and the type of weapon, as well as the price. If you want one for night vision shooting, this could also be a determining aspect. The most expensive models typically have the best gun accessories reviews in Shooting and Safety. Don’t forget that you get what you pay for!

The ideal scope should provide a quick shooting experience, as well as let the hunter have far-reaching shooting positions. The experienced hunters say that Mepro M21 is great because of its quick CQB shooting, and comes with various types of reticles for diverse preferences and purposes. The reticles include bullseye, dot, triangle, and open X. In addition to its effectiveness, no batteries required. Through its fiber optic system, the Mepro M21 uses ambient light for the reticle to adjust automatically.

If you are using a battery-free reflex optic, it should be able to adjust accordingly based on the ambient light of the hunting area. If you are in a darker area, the reticle should dim appropriately. The reticle is lighted by tritium for night vision compatibility especially if hunting in the middle of the night. The Mepro M21 is a nice choice for night hunting because it does not have delicate built-in parts, and it is cold and water resistant. It can be easily mounted on the weapon, and always stays on ready for the next hunting season.

Since I have given Mepro M21 too much credit, it does not mean that all other models are not reliable. Actually, EOTech reflex sights are ideal and they work incredibly well. The difference is that they use batteries whereby the user must turn on and off, and you need also to adjust the brightness. Some hunters claim that the EOTech sights usually lose some power due to gun’s recoil. However, this issue seems to have been addressed so far because there are fewer complaints among users nowadays.

The AR-15 red dot scopes have improved the hunting experience remarkably. There is no need of walking on those rugged terrains or trailing through thick woods to have a closer shot. The red dot sights are very precise, and you can just focus on the target buck and shoot it while at a far distance. It is a matter of placing the dot on the target while your eyes are open, and without moving the focus.

Fishing Season is Getting Longer This Year in Yap Island

Fishing Season is Getting Longer This Year in Yap IslandApart from Kayaking and traditional canoe sailing, sport fishing in the ink blue waters surrounding the Yap Island is unparalleled. It is one of the world’s largest destinations for sport fishing, whether you are a beginner or fervent angler. From deep sea fishing, shore casting, mangrove crab catching, and trolling, every fishing method will leave the juices flowing. The season will get longer this year due to the anticipated infinite fishing tournaments for the visitors.

You will find both half and full day fishing charters for different species including wahoo, skipjack tuna, yellowfin, barracuda, rainbow runner, red snapper, and trevally. It is more of fun when viewing fish swimming more than 100 feet below the water. Everything is made easy with the availability of fishfinders. Finding fish is no longer an issue. Probably, you are on that boat several yards from the reef edge looking across the lagoon to the green island. It is a matter of casting your tempt and luckily a huge trevally emerges from the line and tries to attack the wooden bait. Literally, it is just like a fight between you and the giant trevally!

The entertainment begins when the fish struggles to get into the coral. You don’t want to break your line if the fish pushes its way to the sharp coral, and therefore you will fight to turn its head and bring it to the boat. Don’t worry! The boat driver will roll away from the reefs, but be rest assured of a tight fight that may last for even 20 minutes. This is the enjoyment to experience in the Yap Island. It is a must visit place during this year’s fishing season.

Like in Zante Island, the angling activity in Yap Island has actually improved remarkably due to the availability of fishfinders. It is more than ever for fishing enthusiasts since the fishing experience is have been enhanced. It is easier to locate a fish and cast a sure lure without guess work.

Fishfinders and Usage in Yap Island

Fishfinders also referred to as sounders, shoot sound waves into the water and then measure their strength and speed once they bounce back. The wavy lines you see on the screen are echoes. The bottom of the water source comes in form of slow echoes, while anything in between is considered to be fish or an object.

Using Fishfinders with Traditional Transducers

If you are using an entry level fishfinder with basic features, it is the right choice for any novice angler out there. Once you switch on, you will see two numbers at the right top of the screen. These show the depth and current temperature of the waters. Note that, the temperature will only show on the readings if the device’s transducer has a built-in temperature sensor. Some models will also have speed reading, displayed in kph or mph.

Now your device is mounted on the boat. The thick wavy line (red line) on the screen indicates the bottom o the water. If there is light green below the red line, it shows that the bottom is soft and sonar waves hitting the bottom are a little bit penetrating its surface. This means there are weaker echoes bouncing back. In case it was a hard bottom, you will see just the thick red line and nothing else below it. Above the red line, you may see some things sticking out of it. These might be structures or objects, and remember fish likes hanging around objects. So, the things around the structures could be some fish.

Using High-Frequency Imaging Fishfinders

For the high-frequency imaging fish finders, they use transom mount transducers. On the top right, you will see the depth of the water displayed, while at the bottom are speed and temperature readings. They use a higher frequency to show a clearer picture almost similar to what you would see if you looked with your own eyes. The line going through the middle of the screen is the water surface, while the dark color just after the middle line is the water level. The lighter color on either side is the bottom of the water.

The structures you will see probably are trees at the bottom, while the dots are small fish hanging around the green plants. The small fish are typically known as bait fish. Therefore, large fish are probably around and you can cast your line to that region to attract the target fish.

Using a fish finder may not be that easy because there is a learning curve before getting used to them. You need to understand how to interpret images displayed on the screen. Some folks get pissed off for the first time since they don’t see real fish on the screen. Actually, the technology used in these devices is more about image interpretation and analysis. However, you can acquire skills from an experienced angler that has been using them for a while.