Wireless Trail Cameras – They are Invisible at Nights


If you are a night hunter, probably you are used to challenges when trying to shoot that whitetail. Even though the use of flashlights have been helping hunters to down bucks a bit easier, it is not that painless in those areas with few numbers of animals to hunt. Actually, it may take a whole hunting season without getting a single deer to make your hunting trip complete.

Wireless Trail CamerasThe world of gaming was improved when game cameras were introduced. Hunters could place the cameras at distinct points where animals tend to trail frequently. The cameras would capture footages, and then the hunters could use the videos and images to track the animals. The hunting experience has taken a new shape nowadays with the modern wireless trail cameras. These models have inbuilt transmitters that send images to the users’ smartphones or tablets. The user must first connect the camera to a receiving device with a wireless network.

Some of the best new wireless game cameras such as Covert and Bushnell brands use 60 invisible LEDs and No-Glow flash night mode features. These features capture images of animals at a range without alarming the animal – no visible camera flash. Unlike the traditional cameras, wireless trail camera models can be used to monitor an area remotely and get almost real-time feedback. Wi-Fi enabled cameras are highly innovative because they have no wires, and offer incredible user experience.

Benefits of Night Hunting with Wireless Trail Cameras

  1. Understand the Hunting Area Easily

Animals such as whitetail deer have their own lifestyles, and they visit areas based on times and seasons. They tend to move as a group or with their young ones while searching for greener pastures. This makes it difficult to know when they will be on a given ground so that you can hunt them easily. By use wireless trail cameras, you can effortlessly monitor their activities and understand how often they come and the average duration they stay in the area. The footage recorded by the camera will give valuable insights whether the area is viable for hunting or you will try your luck elsewhere.

  1. Understand the Animals’ Habits

For every recording, you can retrieve the information remotely. This means you have almost real-time information about the hunting ground. You will know the animals that are streaming into the area, as well as their habits once they enter the place. The footage will help you know if they are just trespassing or they are spending time on the hunting site. If you get video recordings of different days, you will understand the types of animals that graze at that area at different times of the night. Therefore, you will be able to plan appropriately when to storm the area and gun down your target.

  1. Understand Your Target

When hunting, you have the target animals in mind. If it is whitetail deer, you are only concerned with that. Wireless trail cameras help hunters stay focused on their targets. You can learn the size and gender of an animal by watching the recordings. Remember, some animals are found during certain seasons. It might be demoralizing to realize you have been chasing the wrong target or the target animals are not available during that particular season. Therefore, wireless trail cameras help you watch animals in their natural homes without disturbing them.

  1. Remote Monitoring

Given the hectic activity involved in night hunting, no one would turn down the use of wireless trail cameras. Imagine walking up and down all night long in the woods only to go home without downing any deer. It is not easy to hunt deer if you don’t have a smart idea about their behavior. The wireless trail cameras can help you understand how and where the deer visit regularly and how long they spend within that particular area. Since the cameras can send images and videos directly to your mobile device, you rest assured to get exact information about the place in real-time. The remote monitoring is quite reliable to hunters because they can even find more hunting areas easily.

  1. No Contaminating the Hunting Area

One of the things that scare away bucks from your hunting area is the human scent. Whenever you come to the area, there is some scent left behind as well as disruptions of the physical setting. Animals can detect someone visited the area, and they might not return to graze on that ground. Contamination of the hunting area is common when setting up game cameras and the regular visiting to retrieve information from the SD cards. However, this problem is no longer an issue with wireless trail cameras. Once the camera is mounted, you just retrieve the information remotely without disturbing the animals’ natural habitat.

In conclusion, the biggest advantage of using wireless trail cameras is the ability to monitor the area remotely and get almost real-time feedback. In case you are not getting any activity after 2 to 3 days, you can simply shift the camera to another location.