The Most Exotic Hobbies

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Did you collect empty cigarette packs as a child? Maybe some interesting kitchen napkins? Or postal stamps? Was that a sort of a hobby for you? Every one of us did something similar like this in childhood. As we grow older, we change our needs and interests and when we grow up to have a steady job and a family we turn to different hobbies that those before.

Some of the most common hobbies in the world include swimming, reading, listening to music, gardening, playing video games, fishing, traveling, or watching television. Some people like more extravagant hobbies. People who are reach almost always indulge into some more exotic hobbies. Sure, some things like reading and fishing are among them, but what about the rest. Follow up and see what people who like exotic hobbies do!

1. Golfing


Golfing is among the top hobbies of people who love exotic hobbies. It is a sport that relaxes the mind and exercise the body. It can be played for hours and it doesn’t require too much preparations. That’s why a lot of people love the game of golf. There’s no body contact between opponents, so this makes it a real gentleman’s sport.

For golfing you’re going to need some special equipment. Golfing clubs, a golfing ball, pushcarts and bags, and a tee.

Golf clubs are needed for different length and terrain. It is best to purchase the clubs and the bag together so all clubs fit perfectly in the bag. Together with them, you can get the pushcart that you’ll surely need if you don’t want to drag the bag on your shoulder. The best golf push cart will be battery powered and will transport you and the bag with ease. If you like walking more, there are many different push carts with so many features coming with them.

Golfing balls are standard and you’re going to need several in case you lost some. The tee is also mandatory for your first swing. It is the part of the equipment that’s placed in the ground and hold the ball before you swing. Everything else is personal preference and is not a must to play the game.

2. Diving


Diving became extra popular lately because people practicing is can experience a completely different world than the one they usually live in. A whole different ecosystem and a world we rarely see even on the National Geographic documentaries.

For diving, you don’t need too much equipment. You’ll need a diving suit and a bottle of oxygen with a breading mask. Depending on the skills, the amount of oxygen and personal preference, you can spend a lot of time underwater discovering new types of fish and underwater world.

3. Boating


Another water sport is boating. Unlike the diving, you’re not having any contact with underwater creatures unless things go wrong. People who like boating rent or buy all kinds of different boats. By definition, a boat is anything that floats on water and can take you from point A to point B, but there are so many different boats called by different names that this hobby can be divided into many categories.

Some of the most exotic boating hobbies are sailing and yachting and the ones more close to the common man are kayaking and canoeing. People who can afford yachts enjoy spending time on the open sea and traveling to exotic destinations. Spending time at sea is very relaxing.

4. Hunting


Hunting is connecting the primal urge of humans with the modern way of life. The time when humans were hunter-gatherers is over and hunting freely is forbidden. You can’t just go in the woods and gun down a deer. Hunting is a sport, and for some animals is a very expensive sport.

Some parts of the world have deep forests with a lot of wild animals that are nurtured by the authorities, but at some time of the year, their hunt is allowed. However, hunting them still requires a special hunting permit which for some exotic animals is very expensive.

5. Skiing


Skiing is a winter sport, or for those that can afford it, it’s a sport for every time of the year because there’s always snow somewhere on the planet. Skiing is one of the favorite exotic hobbies for people with style. It activates the body and the mind and offers direct enjoying of nature’s beauty.

For skiing, you need skis that will fit you, poles, helmet, skiing suit, goggles, boots, and gloves. Snow regions and mountains are always cold and if not equipped properly you might suffer from low temperatures. But, if you’re completely ready, skiing is one of the most exciting hobbies of all.

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