Our Baseball Equipment Store is Opened

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baseball gameBaseball games are becoming popular among youths and adults, and even people have constructed their own pitches at homes to practice it. It is a sport with lots of freedom when it comes to playing, as well as choosing what kind of gear to use. Since there are various playing positions that need different pieces of gear, it is advisable to determine your needs when looking for baseball gear.

Our facility first established a baseball pitch to cater for the members with interest in baseball games. Later on, we realized that a baseball equipment store is required. For those who have been in the market shopping for baseball equipment, they can testify it is not an easy task at all. However, we have brought help at your hand. No more hassle.

Baseball Bats and Equipment in Our Store

baseball storeTechnically, there are hundreds of types of baseball bats, but they are classified based on manufacturer material, size, shape, length, brand, and many other aspects. We have almost all types of baseball bats in our store, from the cheapest to the high-end models. You can choose according to your needs. For the newbie, differentiating these types of bats can be a daunting issue. Literally, we have the four basic types; wood baseball bats, aluminum baseball bats, composite baseball bats, and hybrid baseball bats.

Wood bats have been around for many years. The original baseball bats were made of hickory wood, but over the years manufacturers have discovered other wood materials that can be used to make sturdy bats. We have many types of wood bats, and they will be frequently used in baseball games taking place in our facility in this season and even in future.

We have stocked a few aluminum bats for members who wish to visit the facility accompanied by their children. These are lightweight bats meant for high school students because they provide a trampoline effect and can swing more easily. Your young ones will enjoy using them since they can strike in a more convenient manner.

As I mentioned earlier, we have the high-end bats for the experienced baseball players. The composite bats are manufactured using a combination of different materials. They are lightweight designed to offer a high performance, though they are more expensive compared to their wood and aluminum counterparts. On the other hand, the hybrid bats have a composite barrel and an aluminum handle.

Types of Baseball Bats

Youth baseball bats

This is a category of bats usually meant for young men. They require a certain certification so that they can be used in any baseball game. In our store, we have the Little League Bats and Tee-Ball Bats. Little League bats are relatively longer and are meant for young ones aged between seven and thirteen years. The Teen-Ball bats are for young kids aged between five and seven years. Most of the Teen –Ball bats in our store are made of aluminum, hence lightweight for kids to use comfortably.

Drop 5 baseball bats

The drop 5 baseball bats are generally made of composite material or aluminum alloy. They are lightweight and can be used to make several perfect hits. They are highly suitable for high school players, though some students can also strike comfortably with a drop weight 8 bats. It is worth noting that a weight drop means a measure of the baseball weight against its length. If a bat has a higher weight drop, the baseball is a lightweight and vice versa.

Drop 3 baseball bats

The drop 3 baseball bat has a difference of 3 in terms of weight to length measurement. It is a heavier bat that is used in college and big matches. They come in a variety of types usually wood, composite, and aluminum materials. These bats are typically meant for league matches, and that’s why they must be BBCOR certified. The certification is to control the trampoline effect since these bats are heavy and can strike very hard, and may cause an injury to a player. You may find more information about baseball bats in baseballrace.com.

In conclusion, the BBCOR baseball bats are non-wood. However, bats made of composite wood and bamboo wood materials require BBCOR certification. The other types of wood bats have no trampoline effect, and therefore do not need the certification.

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