The 10 Crucial Cooler Packing Tips For Kayak & Fishing For Yap Island Activities

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Yap IslandIf you’re about to visit the Pacific and the Philippine islands, then you probably already know that some of the best things for enjoyment there are kayaking and fishing. The Yap Island is the perfect place for kayaking as the water is perfectly clear and the weather is simply extraordinary.

The Yap Island has a canal that was dug in the early 1900’s and a lagoon that is simply perfect for kayaking. Some places are actually only suitable for kayaks and the warm waters are best explored with kayaks.

Of course, fishing is another activity that’s very popular among the tourist coming to Yap Island. Hotels and companies there offer charters with full equipment, or you can go solo and experience the joy of the fishing by yourself. The deep clear waters offer fishing for some very exotic species there.

Whatever choice you make, you know that the activities will ask you for some additional equipment. This means that getting in the deep canals in the forests of the Yap Island, or fishing in the open sea, will require some more preps than the usual. It’s great to be prepared as much as you can, but you can never carry everything you need with you.

Here are 10 crucial cooler packing tips for kayak & fishing that you must know before you decide to visit Yap Islands.

1. Get the best cooler

First and the easiest way to get things cool with you is to find one of the many coolers specially made for kayaks. There are lots of companies and even more models suitable for all kinds of kayaks. Pretty much the same goes for your fishing activities because the same coolers can be used for both.

2. Keep your cooler cold

When you’re kayaking or fishing, your activity is done on water or at least by the water. More often than not, water is colder than the air and most certainly much cooler than the sun rays. Make sure your cooler is properly sealed and waterproof and then simply place water over it. The cooler is made with a special technology that keeps the things inside cold, but the overall heat will help it get warm faster or slower, for more details; CoolerList is a good resource to find activity-based products like all kayaking cooler comparison in the market.

Keep your cooler cold

3. Use the water for everything

Even if you don’t use a cooler, you can still carry some supplies in your compartment. Just place them in cold water and change it from time to time, to keep things cool.

4.  Make a shade

If water is not an option, use some of your clothes or nearby plants to make a shade for the things you carry.

5. Leave your hotel prepared

Before you leave your hotel, preferably during the night, place everything you’re about to get with you in the freezer. Until you need them on your trip, they’ll be unfrozen, but still cold.

6. Keep food in zipper bags

When it comes to drinks, it’s easy, but food must be stored properly if you want to use it later. Zipper bags make the hot air cross two “borders” before they spoil your food. If it is placed in a cooler, then the problem is solved.

7. Use a bag on a string

Just like those bags that are used for caught fish – use a bag on a string to place it in the water and keep your drinks cold. Even well-stored food can be kept in the water too. If you’re kayaking, connect the string to the kayak and you’re good to go.

8. Freeze plastic water bottles

It doesn’t matter if you go with a cooler or not, frozen bottles of water are always a great idea. They will keep everything else cold for some time, and when the water melts, you’ll have clean and cold water for drinking.

9. Add salt for extra cold ice

Salt in the water makes it freeze faster and stronger. Add a spoon of ice before freezing it and mark the bottle so you don’t accidentally drink it. The salt will keep the water frozen longer. A sonic ice maker will make your life easier.

10. Don’t mix the methods

If you decide to get frozen bottles of water, don’t try to mix this with the bag on a string while kayaking, because this way the water will melt faster. Keep frozen bottles in a compartment that will create a natural freezer.

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