Our Indoor and Outdoor Pools are Opened

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Because we care, our pools are at your service

The distinctive relation between humankind and water shows the reason why they love swimming. Cuddling and hugging is the physical representation of the love we carry in our hearts for the people whom we value. Similarly, swimming represents people love of water. Knowing that fact, we are glad to tell our guests that our indoor and outdoor pools are opened and at your service around the year, in all seasons. Being aware of the fact that nothing brings parents and their children together better than being by the swimming pool. Our indoor and outdoor swimming pools are ready to let you feel that splendid liberating and relaxing sensation.

The Top Health Benefits of Swimming

  1. Breath better: swimming expands the amount of air you breathe in which in turn enhances the lung performance and increases the oxygen in your inside them.
  2. Enhance cognitive abilities: many doctors and physicians emphasize swimming having a great role in enhancing the level of cleverness and creativity. That is why they recommend parents to encourage children to go swimming on a regular basis.
  3. Anti-depression activity: the bigger the amount of oxygen the body has, the better your brain functions. Hence, swimming spurs the release of endorphins in the body the thing that fights depression and boosts your mood.
  4. Full-body workout: every single part of your body moves when you swim. It is similar to use 12 different machines at the gym.
  5. The best to burn more calories: it is scientifically proven that swimming is one of the top-listed sport that burns at least 200 calories in 30 minutes only.

Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Our Pool Clean

Pool Maintenance Tips

Here are a number of standard and measure that you follow in order to keep our pools perfectly clean

Pool Chemical Balance

The most essential elements of pool maintenance is its chemical level. The murky, irritating sensation you may feel on your skin or in your eyes is caused by unbalanced chemicals in the pool that in turns makes the water a breeding area for bacteria. To keep it as ideal as possible, we examine out pool water once a week at least. Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) instructions and recommendation, we highly consider the importance of checking six elements in the water of our pools:

  1. Chlorine: it is a type of sanitizer that protect pool water from germs and make the water safe to swim.
  2. Cyanuric Acid level: it is also a type of sanitizer. Cyanuric Acid is important to protect chlorine from losing its free level because of the UV ray of the sun. The required reading of Cyanuric Acid for outdoor pools is 30 to 50.
  3. PH level: it is also known as the acidity and alkalinity level. Keeping PH at the right level protect pool equipment from decaying and prevent irritation sensation. First, acidity is kept within a range of 7.5 to 7.8. Also, alkalinity levels are kept within a range of 60 to 120.
  4. Calcium hardness: the proper levels (220 to 350) stops plaster damage.

Examining pool water is simple. You just need to get a couple of testing kits from a hardware or pool equipment store. Take a water sample from your swimming pool, then in just a few seconds the testing kit will determine the chemical levels. This process will help you adjust the levels so as to reach the absolute balance. You will clearly notice that your pool water becomes crystal clear, has no smell and leaves no sign debris on your skin.

Skimmer baskets

When pool water is circulated through the pump, it passes through the pool skimmer baskets. Cleaning the skimmer baskets from leaves, debris and other foreign objects is very important to keep pool water perfectly filtered. Seeking the best filtration, we clean our pools’ skimmer baskets every evening, even during the least busy swimming seasons. Also, we turn off the pool pump to release the pressure on the system and to clean out the debris catcher basket.

Water Level

We closely monitor the water level in our pools. You can easily notice that pool water is always kept at the same appropriate level–not too high, not too low. For optimal filtration performance and perfect water purity, the water level is always fixed at the center of the skimmer basket door.

The chlorinator

Chlorinator is a unit responsible for the constant supply of the needed chlorine for the pool water. Chlorinators of our pools are regularly checked for precise chlorine tablet levels.  Apart from checking any possible clogging, we closely monitor the loading and releasing mechanism.

The Ozonator

For more water quality, we use Ozonator for our pools. Ozone generators are quite beneficial in sustaining pool water quality. Alongside chlorine or bromine, Ozonator keeps our pool water idealistically sanitized. Moreover, we always keep an eye around the clock on the Ozonator to make sure that it is actually working.

Pool Filters

Cleaning pool filters and their cartridges is a regular routine of ours (once every 1- 3 months based on season and use). Apart from seeking crystal clear pool water, we closely monitor the filtration system to maintain water flow rates at its best level so as not to waste even little of valuable water. After any heavy storm, we check pool filters directly.


Using Algaecide

Algaecide or algicide is a biocide consists of chemical compounds used for preventing and eradicating algae. Hereunder are the main benefits of using algaecide.

Killing Algae is definitely the main advantage deserves noting. Algaecides are designed to eradicate algae. Through the use of algaecides, we manage to keep and preserve our pool clean and sanitized.

As any other outdoor swimming pool, ours face a continuous invasion of algae that is brought about by rain, wind and swimmers themselves. Using algaecides in the pools prevent these organisms from developing.

Moreover, an algaecide is typically made to chemically eliminate algae, therefore, it does its job remarkably fast.

The Most Exotic Hobbies

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Did you collect empty cigarette packs as a child? Maybe some interesting kitchen napkins? Or postal stamps? Was that a sort of a hobby for you? Every one of us did something similar like this in childhood. As we grow older, we change our needs and interests and when we grow up to have a steady job and a family we turn to different hobbies that those before.

Some of the most common hobbies in the world include swimming, reading, listening to music, gardening, playing video games, fishing, traveling, or watching television. Some people like more extravagant hobbies. People who are reach almost always indulge into some more exotic hobbies. Sure, some things like reading and fishing are among them, but what about the rest. Follow up and see what people who like exotic hobbies do!

1. Golfing


Golfing is among the top hobbies of people who love exotic hobbies. It is a sport that relaxes the mind and exercise the body. It can be played for hours and it doesn’t require too much preparations. That’s why a lot of people love the game of golf. There’s no body contact between opponents, so this makes it a real gentleman’s sport.

For golfing you’re going to need some special equipment. Golfing clubs, a golfing ball, pushcarts and bags, and a tee.

Golf clubs are needed for different length and terrain. It is best to purchase the clubs and the bag together so all clubs fit perfectly in the bag. Together with them, you can get the pushcart that you’ll surely need if you don’t want to drag the bag on your shoulder. The best golf push cart will be battery powered and will transport you and the bag with ease. If you like walking more, there are many different push carts with so many features coming with them.

Golfing balls are standard and you’re going to need several in case you lost some. The tee is also mandatory for your first swing. It is the part of the equipment that’s placed in the ground and hold the ball before you swing. Everything else is personal preference and is not a must to play the game.

2. Diving


Diving became extra popular lately because people practicing is can experience a completely different world than the one they usually live in. A whole different ecosystem and a world we rarely see even on the National Geographic documentaries.

For diving, you don’t need too much equipment. You’ll need a diving suit and a bottle of oxygen with a breading mask. Depending on the skills, the amount of oxygen and personal preference, you can spend a lot of time underwater discovering new types of fish and underwater world.

3. Boating


Another water sport is boating. Unlike the diving, you’re not having any contact with underwater creatures unless things go wrong. People who like boating rent or buy all kinds of different boats. By definition, a boat is anything that floats on water and can take you from point A to point B, but there are so many different boats called by different names that this hobby can be divided into many categories.

Some of the most exotic boating hobbies are sailing and yachting and the ones more close to the common man are kayaking and canoeing. People who can afford yachts enjoy spending time on the open sea and traveling to exotic destinations. Spending time at sea is very relaxing.

4. Hunting


Hunting is connecting the primal urge of humans with the modern way of life. The time when humans were hunter-gatherers is over and hunting freely is forbidden. You can’t just go in the woods and gun down a deer. Hunting is a sport, and for some animals is a very expensive sport.

Some parts of the world have deep forests with a lot of wild animals that are nurtured by the authorities, but at some time of the year, their hunt is allowed. However, hunting them still requires a special hunting permit which for some exotic animals is very expensive.

5. Skiing


Skiing is a winter sport, or for those that can afford it, it’s a sport for every time of the year because there’s always snow somewhere on the planet. Skiing is one of the favorite exotic hobbies for people with style. It activates the body and the mind and offers direct enjoying of nature’s beauty.

For skiing, you need skis that will fit you, poles, helmet, skiing suit, goggles, boots, and gloves. Snow regions and mountains are always cold and if not equipped properly you might suffer from low temperatures. But, if you’re completely ready, skiing is one of the most exciting hobbies of all.

Tennis Courts in Yap Islands

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Tennis Courts in Yap IslandsLocated in the Pacific Ocean, as a part of the Caroline Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia, is the amazing and beautiful Yap Island. On an area of almost 387 square miles, this gem in the Pacific offers joy and entertainment for the pickiest ones.

For those that love the game of tennis, there are three fabulous resorts that will give you the joy and comfort you have at home while playing the game. Of course, tennis is not the only entertainment there, but you’ll enjoy it among the other things. Yap Island is famous for its beaches and amazing sunsets. Don’t forget to swim and dive while you’re there.

Yap Sunset Resort and Spa

Yap Sunset and Resort and Spa is a place where you’ll find everything you need for a great vacation. The place is offering outdoor and indoor pool, spa facilities and two beautiful tennis courts right next to the beach. You can play tennis and enjoy the sounds of the sea at the same time.

The surface is clay which is maintained daily and you’ll feel like you’re a part of the Roland Garros. If you like nighttime play, the courts are lighted by 4 big reflectors and the hotel allows playing at any time of the day and night.

If you’re traveling solo, a full-time tennis coach is available for a small fee that can also be your sparring partner. Complete tennis equipment is also available on site. If you don’t have a racket, shoes or tennis balls you’ll be provided with everything.

Golf Hotel

Golf HotelThe main attraction of Hotel Golf is the huge golf terrain which attracts golf players from all the round the world. Of course, golf players also love playing tennis so additional 4 tennis courts are available on site.

Inside the hotel, right next to the lobby is a sports shop. There you can find everything for golf, water sports and of course, tennis. Wilson, Babolat, Dunlop, and Head rackets are sold in the place, but also all other tennis equipment that you might need. Tennis shoes, tennis balls, sweaters, tennis strings etc.

The court surface is hard and made with some beautiful purple and green combination that looks very professional and fun.

Panorama Pacific Hotel

Located in the forest and on a small hill there’s the Panorama Pacific Hotel. It is a place that offers a combination of both forest and seaside vacation. In it you’ll feel like you’re visiting a mountain resort, only the temperatures will always be around the 80’s.

Surrounded by trees, there are two tennis courts made of clay. From the hill where the courts are located, you can see the sea and enjoy some outstanding sunsets. Considering the sun is always shining brightly here and the temperatures are high, you’ll feel much relaxed knowing that you play in the shade.

if you haven’t come prepared, the hotel cooperates with the nearby Golf Hotel where you can buy everything from their store. Just tell the person at the lobby what you need and they’ll provide it for you in no time. Also, don’t forget to book for the court with time as it might be already reserved for the time you like it. Some hours are more wanted than others because of the sun getting behind the trees and making a great place to play.

How to Choose The Best Resort For You

How to Choose The Best Resort For YouAll three resorts offer some amazing tennis courts and tennis equipment. If you don’t like borrowing equipment that someone else might have used it before you, choose the Golf or the Panorama Pacific hotels where stuff can be bought on site.

For people that don’t like clay and getting messy, the Golf Hotel offers hard surface terrains where the play is more comfortable. Also, this place offers more courts and you can be sure that there will be a free court at all times. If you like to feel like a pro, then the best option is the Yap Sunset Resort where after the game you can enjoy some professional massage, hot tubs and other.

We can’t say that one is the best. They’re all good but some are better than others based on your preferences and needs. You can be sure one thing, whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake.

The 10 Crucial Cooler Packing Tips For Kayak & Fishing For Yap Island Activities

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Yap IslandIf you’re about to visit the Pacific and the Philippine islands, then you probably already know that some of the best things for enjoyment there are kayaking and fishing. The Yap Island is the perfect place for kayaking as the water is perfectly clear and the weather is simply extraordinary.

The Yap Island has a canal that was dug in the early 1900’s and a lagoon that is simply perfect for kayaking. Some places are actually only suitable for kayaks and the warm waters are best explored with kayaks.

Of course, fishing is another activity that’s very popular among the tourist coming to Yap Island. Hotels and companies there offer charters with full equipment, or you can go solo and experience the joy of the fishing by yourself. The deep clear waters offer fishing for some very exotic species there.

Whatever choice you make, you know that the activities will ask you for some additional equipment. This means that getting in the deep canals in the forests of the Yap Island, or fishing in the open sea, will require some more preps than the usual. It’s great to be prepared as much as you can, but you can never carry everything you need with you.

Here are 10 crucial cooler packing tips for kayak & fishing that you must know before you decide to visit Yap Islands.

1. Get the best cooler

First and the easiest way to get things cool with you is to find one of the many coolers specially made for kayaks. There are lots of companies and even more models suitable for all kinds of kayaks. Pretty much the same goes for your fishing activities because the same coolers can be used for both.

2. Keep your cooler cold

When you’re kayaking or fishing, your activity is done on water or at least by the water. More often than not, water is colder than the air and most certainly much cooler than the sun rays. Make sure your cooler is properly sealed and waterproof and then simply place water over it. The cooler is made with a special technology that keeps the things inside cold, but the overall heat will help it get warm faster or slower, for more details; CoolerList is a good resource to find activity-based products like all kayaking cooler comparison in the market.

Keep your cooler cold

3. Use the water for everything

Even if you don’t use a cooler, you can still carry some supplies in your compartment. Just place them in cold water and change it from time to time, to keep things cool.

4.  Make a shade

If water is not an option, use some of your clothes or nearby plants to make a shade for the things you carry.

5. Leave your hotel prepared

Before you leave your hotel, preferably during the night, place everything you’re about to get with you in the freezer. Until you need them on your trip, they’ll be unfrozen, but still cold.

6. Keep food in zipper bags

When it comes to drinks, it’s easy, but food must be stored properly if you want to use it later. Zipper bags make the hot air cross two “borders” before they spoil your food. If it is placed in a cooler, then the problem is solved.

7. Use a bag on a string

Just like those bags that are used for caught fish – use a bag on a string to place it in the water and keep your drinks cold. Even well-stored food can be kept in the water too. If you’re kayaking, connect the string to the kayak and you’re good to go.

8. Freeze plastic water bottles

It doesn’t matter if you go with a cooler or not, frozen bottles of water are always a great idea. They will keep everything else cold for some time, and when the water melts, you’ll have clean and cold water for drinking.

9. Add salt for extra cold ice

Salt in the water makes it freeze faster and stronger. Add a spoon of ice before freezing it and mark the bottle so you don’t accidentally drink it. The salt will keep the water frozen longer. A sonic ice maker will make your life easier.

10. Don’t mix the methods

If you decide to get frozen bottles of water, don’t try to mix this with the bag on a string while kayaking, because this way the water will melt faster. Keep frozen bottles in a compartment that will create a natural freezer.

Our Baseball Equipment Store is Opened

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baseball gameBaseball games are becoming popular among youths and adults, and even people have constructed their own pitches at homes to practice it. It is a sport with lots of freedom when it comes to playing, as well as choosing what kind of gear to use. Since there are various playing positions that need different pieces of gear, it is advisable to determine your needs when looking for baseball gear.

Our facility first established a baseball pitch to cater for the members with interest in baseball games. Later on, we realized that a baseball equipment store is required. For those who have been in the market shopping for baseball equipment, they can testify it is not an easy task at all. However, we have brought help at your hand. No more hassle.

Baseball Bats and Equipment in Our Store

baseball storeTechnically, there are hundreds of types of baseball bats, but they are classified based on manufacturer material, size, shape, length, brand, and many other aspects. We have almost all types of baseball bats in our store, from the cheapest to the high-end models. You can choose according to your needs. For the newbie, differentiating these types of bats can be a daunting issue. Literally, we have the four basic types; wood baseball bats, aluminum baseball bats, composite baseball bats, and hybrid baseball bats.

Wood bats have been around for many years. The original baseball bats were made of hickory wood, but over the years manufacturers have discovered other wood materials that can be used to make sturdy bats. We have many types of wood bats, and they will be frequently used in baseball games taking place in our facility in this season and even in future.

We have stocked a few aluminum bats for members who wish to visit the facility accompanied by their children. These are lightweight bats meant for high school students because they provide a trampoline effect and can swing more easily. Your young ones will enjoy using them since they can strike in a more convenient manner.

As I mentioned earlier, we have the high-end bats for the experienced baseball players. The composite bats are manufactured using a combination of different materials. They are lightweight designed to offer a high performance, though they are more expensive compared to their wood and aluminum counterparts. On the other hand, the hybrid bats have a composite barrel and an aluminum handle.

Types of Baseball Bats

Youth baseball bats

This is a category of bats usually meant for young men. They require a certain certification so that they can be used in any baseball game. In our store, we have the Little League Bats and Tee-Ball Bats. Little League bats are relatively longer and are meant for young ones aged between seven and thirteen years. The Teen-Ball bats are for young kids aged between five and seven years. Most of the Teen –Ball bats in our store are made of aluminum, hence lightweight for kids to use comfortably.

Drop 5 baseball bats

The drop 5 baseball bats are generally made of composite material or aluminum alloy. They are lightweight and can be used to make several perfect hits. They are highly suitable for high school players, though some students can also strike comfortably with a drop weight 8 bats. It is worth noting that a weight drop means a measure of the baseball weight against its length. If a bat has a higher weight drop, the baseball is a lightweight and vice versa.

Drop 3 baseball bats

The drop 3 baseball bat has a difference of 3 in terms of weight to length measurement. It is a heavier bat that is used in college and big matches. They come in a variety of types usually wood, composite, and aluminum materials. These bats are typically meant for league matches, and that’s why they must be BBCOR certified. The certification is to control the trampoline effect since these bats are heavy and can strike very hard, and may cause an injury to a player. You may find more information about baseball bats in baseballrace.com.

In conclusion, the BBCOR baseball bats are non-wood. However, bats made of composite wood and bamboo wood materials require BBCOR certification. The other types of wood bats have no trampoline effect, and therefore do not need the certification.