Alternative to Airguns – New Trend is Archery in Yap Island

Alternative to Airguns - New Trend is Archery in Yap Island

Yap Island in Micronesia is a cultural society that believes in its own traditional values and attracts very limited cultures from the West. The hunting activity in this island of stone money takes place in the forests and grassy highlands, which are also perfect natural outdoor places for bikers and hikers. With their interesting history and rich culture, Yapese hunters use archery while chasing game down those breathtaking landscapes. Since it is a trend within the island, many facilities offer archery rentals for visitors that want to enjoy outdoor game hunting.

Even though the bow hunting technology has advanced over the centuries, archery hunting is felt as one of the most indigenous methods of maintaining the culture and traditions in the island. The types of archery bows found in many facilities are made of components such as carbon fiber and fiberglasses, while others have more improved shooting mechanisms. The four types of bows available include crossbows, compound bows, long bows, and recurve bows. The hunting experience here will not be different from what you know, however, it is most fitting for archers only.

Types of Archery Bows You Will Find in Yap Island

  1. Crossbows

You will find crossbows in the Yap Island, and they can be suitable for even those with experience in firearms. They commemorate the ancient Chinese bows that were used during Greco-Roman battles in the medieval ages. There is a short bow attached horizontally to the muzzle, and the bow is drawn through a crank mechanism. They have a string which is attached to a trigger system. The trigger mechanism is used whenever an archer wants to fire. Target archery in the Yap Island utilizes these crossbows because they are ideal for short range firing and a heavier draw weight is required.

  1. Long bows

These kinds of bows define a real traditional form of archery, and they require more practicing and experience for one to learn how to shoot. They were first used during wars in the 1200s and later abandoned in the 16th century. The Yapese consider them as part of their traditional hunting equipment since they are made of a curved piece of specialized wood that is the same height as the user. Unlike the modern bows, these bows lack sights or arrow rests. Hunting with long bows is not that easy because it is actually difficult to aim the target. If compared to modern bows, they are less strong to propel an arrow to a far distant target. However, you will enjoy the challenge while shooting with the long bows!

  1. Compound bows

These are more advanced archery bows, which use a more advanced system of pulleys, cables, and eccentric cams. The system helps the archer to make a full draw without straining too much. Since the bow has a mechanical advantage, the archer can aim a target more easily, and then fire a powerful shot. However, some significant amount of energy is required to draw the bow. Compound bows are made up of metal components, and they are less likely to be affected by changes in humidity and temperature like those bows made of natural materials. Therefore, they are perfect for accurate shooting and can propel an arrow to a relatively far distance compared to longbows. Since they are a bit complex, novice archers may require some practice to master them.

  1. Recurve bows

These are similar to those archery bows normally used in Olympics. They are designed in a manner that the middle part curves towards the user, while the tips bend away from the archer. They have been there since the time of Horsemen, but modern versions have various components such as pressure buttons, sights, stabilizers, and clickers. The curve design gives the bow more power, and less strength is required to draw the bow. If you want to learn archery while at the Yap Island, recurve bows are the best for the beginners. You will begin with a barebow recurve with a string and an arrow rest, a riser and bow limbs for balancing the bow. The rest of the bow components are added as your archery skills grow.


There are many health benefits anyone can get from archery activities. These include learning how to focus and coordinate, as well as strengthening your hands, arms, shoulders, and chest. In addition to archery hunting in the woods, archery sporting is a nice method to exercise your body. As you shoot the target, there is a lot of movement from one target to the other. Remember, jogging and walking are sure ways of making your body stay well and fit. Also, archery is fun and can be used as a method to alleviate stress and depression. It is an interesting activity to shoot an arrow and watch as it flies until it hits the target!